Palm Vein Access Control

BioGuard has integrated palm vein authentication technology into a new contactless, biometric authentication system for verifying an individualםs identity by recognizing the unique pattern of veins in the palm. Using “no touch” palm vein scanning technology, The new IDPod™

authentication solution provides the same level of reliability and accuracy as iris recognition, with the ease of use of fingerprint recognition. It addresses the growing scourge of credit card and smart card fraud, as well as helping

organizations comply with HIPAA and other legal requirements. ID-Pod™ is suitable for a wide range of vertical markets, including security, financial/ banking, healthcare, commercial enterprises and educational facilities. BioGate™ is controlled by the Powersill™, a powerful management platform equipped with the latest DSP technology from Texas Instruments, running at up to 1GHz.

Ultramanager™ is an intuitive management Application. Managing hundreds of users through remote enrollment station and server to enroll, delete and identify users.



System Elements

System Diagram

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