BioSafe 440

High-End, Finger Print Access Control Solution

The next generation of the BioSfae fingerprint reader, is a complete access control
solution, utilizes Bioguard’s best-in-class fingerprint identification system to ensure
unsurpassed security and ease of use.


BioSafe is designed for indoor or outdoor use, equipped with best-in-class multi
spectral biometric sensor. Its elegant and vandal resistance reader unit, is suitable for
either wall or flush mounting.


BioSafe implements Bioguard’s innovative security approach, separating the reader and
processing units. The indoor processing unit (the PowerSill™), is powered by up to 1GHz processor,
for fast and accurate authentication. It holds large internal Non-volatile
memory unit, protectively storing up to 100,000 finger print templates and traffic logs.

The Biosafe is managed via LAN, supported by Bioguard’s feature rich Access
control software, the Ultramanger, used also for enrollment and distribution.


Key Benefits

  •  100,000 users in 1:N , 1000,000 users in 1:1
  •  POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  •  500 DPI Multispectral Optical Sensor
  •  IP65 Rated
  •  Vandal resistance
  •  Protects against fakes and spoof fingerprints
  •  Eliminates failure to enroll (FTE) and failure to acquire (FTA) headaches
  •  High-quality images by exposing the fingerprint surface and subsurface at the
    same time
  •  Flush or Wall mounted

System Elements

System Diagram