HomeGuard White Paper

Physical Access Control (PAC)

Access control authentication and management in today’s security conscious world has emerged as a major issue. From the highest security facility to the everyday home or office, physical access needs to be restricted to authorized persons only. Physical access can be restricted by a fence, a guard, a doorman, or by the simple lock and key. Electronic access control increases the options for granting access and replaces the mechanical lock and key method with credential based control. Management software must administer a database of users and control who, where, and when to grant access.

The access authentication method must be secure. A biometric access control system that grants or denies access based on the reliable and established fingerprint technology is one of the most secure and foolproof methods for a credential based authentication approach to access control. This simple biometric solution facilitates a dependable access control system to increase security in both the home and office.

Fingerprint Technology

Fingerprint technology has been around for a long time and is a sophisticated and verified form of identification. It has been used in criminal investigations for almost a hundred years. In fact, a fingerprint is so unique that it remains unchanged throughout a person’s lifetime. It is a human beings built in identity card. Combining fingerprint identification with modern scanning technology, a simple cost effective access control solution is created for the home and office. A fingerprint scanner captures the unique fingerprint pattern and stores it on a database. The stored fingerprints serve as the basis for various levels of access control software to meet the requirements of a home or business.

The HomeGuard Physical Access Control System

The HomeGuard access control system takes advantage of the captured fingerprint by analyzing the sample and comparing it to the other sample images stored. A person trying to gain access passes his finger through the high performance fingerprint scanner. The cutting edge scanner reads the fingerprint from the live tissue layer eliminating any problems associated with skin conditions or fake fingers. The HomeGuard system performs a 1:N matching procedure on the acquired fingerprint which compares the input fingerprint with the information in the database. If there is a match, the person can gain access or not depending on the level of clearance assigned. The HomeGuard system performs identification and matching exceptionally well and offers low false accept and false reject rates.

The management features of the HomeGuard system can be tailored to the specific needs of the user. A standalone system can be installed for small home usage of fifty or a hundred users per device, while a large business system may require a thousand devices. The HomeGuard access control system is offered as the Silver model and the Gold model. The Silver model is ideal for small business needs of up to twenty devices. The Gold model is the large business model that allows a thousand devices to be installed.

The HomeGuard application software is modeled to accommodate the various requirements of the home or business. The database management software varies in complexity based on the levels of security required. The administrator or manager of the security system designates when a person is cleared for access and to which access point. The administrator can enroll and add new users, delete users, and manage the user templates. Different levels of security clearance and privileges can be assigned to each user.

The HomeGuard devices are connected to the Local Area Network so that the administrator can view the IP Address, unit ID and status of each device on the network. By connecting to a specific IP Address, the administrator can list all the users on that specific HomeGuard device, add or delete users, add privileges to a user, and add a user from the local database to that specific device.

The HomeGuard access control system provides a log of all users who tried to gain access through any HomeGuard device. The log is saved whether the access was successful or not. The log provides a virtual time card for the user marking the attendance of the worker for the business payroll and bookkeeping. The log shows the time of access and the ID of the worker.

HomeGuard is an affordable fingerprint identification access control system perfect for the home and office. The user friendly system provides a full access management solution. The HomeGuard provides an affordable access control system to ensure unsurpassed security and ease of use.

System Highlights

  • Reliable fingerprint technology
  • Electronic access control replaces mechanical keys
  • Intuitive management application
    • Enroll
    • Delete
    • Identify
  • Remote management
  • Standalone, Silver, and Gold models tailored to users needs
  • Easy and fast installation