Maximizing accuracy and ease of use for security-based applications
ID-Pod is a breakthrough biometric authentication solution that verifies an individual’s identity based on the unique pattern of veins in the palm.
Using Fujitsu’s “no touch” palm vein scanning technology, ID-Pod provides a higher level of reliability and accuracy than iris recognition, with the ease of use of fingerprint recognition. It encrypts and stores biometric templates on a smart card or in a biometric database, depending on your organization’s deployment needs.
Selected Applications
ID-Pod delivers unsurpassed security for a wide range of applications:


  • Banking/financial
  • Resort villages/wellness centers, casinos, amusement parks
  • Kiosk terminals
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Physical access to secured areas
  • Logical access (single sign-on) to computerized systems
Your Choice of Deployment Architectures
ID-Pod is a safe and highly secure authentication system that can be deployed in various architectures to meet your specific legal and organizational requirements. The vein pattern images are encrypted and stored as biometric templates on either a contact/contactless smart card or in a database.
Template on Card
  • Privacy protection
  • Very high security level
  • Flexible applications based on hybrid card usage
  • Match-on-Card capability
Database-stored Templates
  • Cost-effective – no smart card production costs
  • High performance
  • 1:1 or 1:N matching capabilities

Key Benefits

Accuracy and Reliability – Uniqueness and complexity of vein patterns, together with advanced authentication algorithms, ensure unsurpassed accuracy.
Security – Vein patterns are internal and unexposed, making them almost impossible to duplicate or forge. Images are converted into encrypted biometric templates at the sensor level, preventing misuse of the actual image.
Contactless – Hygienic, non-invasive, “no touch” technology enables use when hands are dirty, wet or even wearing latex gloves.
Outstanding Performance – Exceptionally low FTE rates, recognition attempt duration less than iris recognition, near-zero false rejection and false acceptance rates.
Cost-Effective – Attractively priced while saving you the huge potential costs of malpractice litigation, privacy violations, etc.

Usability – Compact form factor provides greater flexibility and ease of implementation in a variety of security applications.