Multi Sensor Physical Access Control Solution

The PowerSill is the power behind a complete access control system that can interface with any biometric and electronic access sensor. With its advance architecture, the PowerSill™ controls and manages biometric sensors and electronic access devices such as:

  • Palm Vein Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Face Recognition
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Smart Card
  • ID Card
  • Keypad Reader

Sensor Control SystemPowerSill™ is an elegant solution that operates with any type of security sensor from biometric to electronic access, and can be fitted into any modern automated access control entry point (doors, turnstiles, parking gates, or other barriers). You can manage hundreds of doors through the BioGuard Management platform.

PowerSill™ connects to the Local Area Network to interface with the Enrollment Station, database, and server.  The PowerSill™ processes the information from the sensors and responds by issuing commands to an access control unit or relay controller to grant access to authorized persons. A user is enrolled at the systems Enrollment station and the identity information is encrypted and stored in the database along with the user name and ID. A user entering an access point submits his credentials at the biometric or electronic access sensor. The system performs high speed, 1:N matching or 1:1 matching to identity the user. A relay controller is then activated to automatically open the access point. The system performs identification and matching exceptionally well and offers low false accept and false reject rates.

BioGuard has the solution for your security needs. BioGuard products can help you to accurately identify and authenticate individuals based on their unique physical characteristics.

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