Security for Airport and border control

Airports are critical national facilities, serving as major transportation hubs for both passengers and cargo. Airports and other mass transportation facilities are being used by an increasing number of passengers every year. As a result, global terror organizations view them as attractive and potentially vulnerable targets. In order to ensure safe travel, new and stricter security measures are being implemented in airports worldwide. The price travellers pay for enhanced security is long queues and lengthy processing times, often causing delays and financial damages to commercial stakeholders.

Apart from transportation functions, airports are also responsible for customs clearance and border control processes. Airports require border control solutions that provide the highest level of security with maximum efficiency and automation. Sensitive zones of airports, as well as information systems, need to be securely protected against unauthorized access.

BioGuard’s Surety Pass™ offers automated and comprehensive passenger identification and processing solution for airports, seaports, and border control. This security-oriented system provides for a safe and efficient process for all airport stakeholders (e.g., airlines, luggage handlers, customs, etc.).

By merging multiple biometric technologies (facial, iris, palm vein, fingerprint, etc.) into a single solution, Surety Pass™ delivers optimal passenger authentication while enabling fast and secure processing of passengers and their belongings. Each passenger’s identity is captured and stored on an RF smart chip embedded in the passenger’s passport or on an add-on smart chip sticker. Passenger identity is authenticated at each stage along the process by extracting and analyzing the biometric features stored on the chip. All information is encrypted and is available only upon the presentation of the travel document. Back end profiling and luggage checks are performed and controlled electronically.

BioGuard’s solution permits frequent travelers to pass through borders quickly and efficiently, while ensuring that unwanted individuals do not enter the country.