In today’s digital world, enterprises and organizations depend on advanced and automated systems to streamline business operations. Consumers enjoy the convenience of ATMs and electronic airline tickets. However, at the same time, heightened digitization and online access has led to the growth of fraud and identity theft. According to Javelin Study & Research, the annual cost of identity fraud in 2007 in the United States alone was $45 billion.

BioGuard offers a high-performance, reliable, and user-friendly Bio ID Management™ platform, dedicated to meeting the need for positive identification and effectively countering the growth of identity theft and forgery. Operating as stand-alone systems or as part of a network, the Bio ID Management™ platform is a strong multi-factor identification server, integrating palm vein authentication, facial recognition, fingerprint identification, and voice recognition in a single product.

This truly best-of-breed solution combines an unmatched level of performance in terms of accuracy and one-to-many matching with exceptional ease of use, fully complying with US and European biometric standards. This robust platform can perform 600,000 fingerprints matches/second per processor, which is critical for applications that require quick and accurate authentication of identity.

Vantage Data Centers Deploys Fujitsu PalmSecure in Collaboration with BioGuardVantage Data Centers Deploys Fujitsu PalmSecure in Collaboration with BioGuard
Palm Vein Authentication Leverages Innovative Biometric Technology to Deliver Enhanced Access Control while Simplifying Security Management.
Government SolutionsGovernment Solutions
Stricter security requirements for border control, the growth of identity theft and regulatory compliance are driving the need for biometric identification.
Banking & Financial SolutionsBanking & Financial Solutions
Banking and financial institutions use biometric security to mitigate loss due to fraud, strengthen their trustworthy reputation, and create a competitive edge.
Healthcare Security SolutionsHealthcare Security Solutions
In addition to complying with HIPAA data privacy regulations, BioGuard's solution allows the optimization of treatment procedures, preventing errors and reducing paperwork.
Security for Airport and border controlSecurity for Airport and border control
In order to ensure safe travel, new and stricter security measures are being implemented. With biometric solutions enhanced security does not need to mean long queues and lengthy processing times which cause delays and financial damages to commercial stakeholders.
Corporate SecurityCorporate Security
Enterprises and organizations require strong authentication to protect their sensitive computer networks and data from unauthorized access.