How Many Lines Are In A Fingerprint

In this article, we’re going to be discussing how many lines there are in a typical fingerprint pattern.

How Many Types Of Lines In A FingerPrint

There are three types of lines in a fingerprint: the ridges, the valleys, and the pores. The ridges are the raised lines that form the pattern of the fingerprint. The valleys are the spaces between the ridges. The pores are tiny holes in the skin that contain sweat glands.

How Many Types Of Fingerprints Exist

There are three main fingerprint types, with subcategorizations:

  • Arch
    • Plain arch
    • Tented arch
  • Loop
    • Radial loop
    • Ulnar loop
  • Whorl
    • Plain whorl
    • Central pocket loop
    • Double loop
    • Accidental whorl

How Many Lines In A FingerPrint

According to sources, there are approximately 66 lines in a typical fingerprint. However, fingerprint identification/classification means this may vary.

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